Saturday, March 31, 2007

My magical love affair with the orange beauty

The great orange ball never fails to excite and fascinate me. I developed a liking for her when i had completed school and had nothing to do before joining college. Ever since that time this beauty had grown closer to my heart. Thanks to my cousin who introduced me to this dear soul mate.

I go reach out to this beauty and carry her with both my hands and start walking towards the court, sometimes dribbling her along the way. When i reach the abode of this celestial beauty, I go just below the ring and make the first ceremonial shoot. The ball just nicks the board and drops into the ring effortlessly. I take my darling back and start dribbiling her in my energetic enthusiasm. Then i hold her above my head with a caressing grasp. I shoot her and when the spherical beauty makes her way through the ring, i experience a joy unbound.

I have always had boundless admiration for this boon campanion, which looks like a large size "Rudraksha" with eight faces. The beauty has a rough external texture with hundreds of little orange bumps. But when i take a closer and deeper look at her, amazing illusionary floral patterns make a treat for my eyes.

My dates with her are always special in some way. Today, When i held her above my head and was about shoot her from the zero degree position, i noticed a wonderful formation. The moon, the ball and the ring, the three circular beauties were in a row as if swimming synchronously in the air.

When i was taking a break between my play, i noticed an sms sent by a friend of mine. " Why don't women like basketball players as lovers? cos they always dribble before they shoot", read the naughty sms. The timing of the message's arrival couldn't have been any better. I had a hearty laughter.

And then a funny thought arose in my mind. What if i make the ball itself my lover. Its funny....very funny.....but my feeling for her is true....i wanna live the rest of my life with her :)

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When I am Only a Dream said...

It as well reflects your passion in treating your girl. Loved your post. Wishing you many more happy plays with your orange beauty!

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